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Protect the gate, play any game & earn.
AKITSUKI CLAN are the guardians of the gate. Join the watch!
The holy guardians watch over us and protect the garden from our corrupt world. The Akitsuki clan prevents corruption from entering through the gate.
Akitsuki are loyal to their duty, but you have to keep busy during your watch time, thus, guardians have become accustomated to playing various cash-games during their guard. The problem is, risking money isn't the best way to keep a community together. Something had to be done to prevent guards from fighting each other.
Therefore, the masters of the guard decided to put money in a War Chest and distribute wisely.
Consisting of a transaction tax on the guard's native token -AKI-, it is used to generate organic returns and provide Guardians with the winnings they deserve without those who lose in the game having to pay out of pocket.
Holy guards play for free and earn for real.
Masters and Hokage watch over the clan, looking for the most talented players among the guards, to wear the clan jerseys and show our strength to the world!
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