Play for fun, earn for real.

Clan war chest

No ponzi tokenomics.
Holy guards play to earn organic returns thanks to the clan war chest. The war chest is used to generate returns through various DeFi protocols and distribute them to the winners of our various games and tournaments.
  • 60% of the ETH accumulated by the war chest through taxes is kept aside, we let it grow until it reaches a threshold that allows it to be put on various DeFi protocols and generate money organically over time.
  • 20% is directly added to the prize pot, ensuring that we can distribute rewards before the war chest has been able to generate enough ETH through yield farming.
  • 20% is sent to the dev/marketing wallet.
Part of the funds from the Akitsuki token initial offering will help provide early public tournaments with cash prizes.
Guardian Games :
Our holy guardians play games and win cash prizes without betting money. We host e-sports tournaments and stream them on twitch. Cash prizes are distributed to the top 3 winners, they are able to choose between ETH and Gift Cards. Everyone can compete, token holders receive highly increased cash prizes. Check Guards Ranks.
Secondary events : Paid tournaments are held throughout the month on our website, NFT owners can participate for free, token holders win higher prizes.
The guards are getting stronger every day. Soon the Kazekage will be able to select the best of them to form the first official e-sports teams of the Akitsuki clan.